This is a free tool, was designed to help project managers improving their excecution power

Normally, when project manager assign the tasks, he/she assume that all people will implement it on time

Then, PM jump to other work, you know, there are so many messy tasks to PM

Most of team member will do the assigned task seriously

But, some people realized PM may forget the task assigned to him, so he put it to lower priority.

When it comes to deadline, PM die, all bosses are in this face

Of course, we could ask PM to improve their performance,
But it's difficult sometimes, especially when PM has heavy workload

Do we have some easily approach to improve execution power?
We do!  just copy to us when PM assign the task to team by email
We will send back the email to PM at the right time

Then, PM will alway show up at right time,
Everybody will know this new situation, will treat his/her task as top priority,
PM will be in this face
So, what is 'aiYou' reminder?
1)It's a small tool to imporve the team productivity
2)Simply it's an email address:, AI means action item
3)No registration is needed, just copy to this address when you assign the task by email
4)But you need point the deadline in the email subject, included by '#'
5)At the deadline date, we will send back this email to you, you will never miss the deadline check point, more important, your team member will know this situation in the future
Deadline format1:#2018-1-29#
Deadline format2:#2018-1-29 19:30:#    
Both format is good, system will send back email at 8:00am if it's format1
System will check the request each 15 minutes, it will send back the alarming email immediately if the format is not correct.
First release is on 2017.9, till 2021.2, we daily send 50k email

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